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Christopher P. Obert is a freelance writer and publisher from Massachusetts. Chris is the owner and publisher of Obert Publishing, a small independent publishing business specializing in helping new authors and groups to self-publish and market their work. Obert Publishing operates under the imprint Pear Tree PublishingChris’ Resume/CV

Chris is a considerate and easygoing person but is also a competent, conscientious and detail-oriented professional. He is self-directed and motivated with the capability to consistently achieve objectives. He is highly analytical and can recognize problems and concerns while evaluating alternatives. He can then implement solutions, drawing off his experiences. His experience is supplemented by a diverse group of formal and informal training and studies. He is, however, aware of the fact that no one person can do it all and he is the first to obtain additional support when needed. This makes Chris an effective leader with a proven talent for developing teams that can deliver creative and useful products. Publishing Recommendations

Chris co-wrote, compiled and edited a family history book called Thanks for the Memories – the Serra Family Tree and Stories (2003). His family history book was well reviewed by Western Kentucky University, Library Special Collections; Connecticut Society of Genealogists; Writer’s Digest and author Denise Grayson. The history book currently sits on the shelves of numerous libraries across the country including: The New York City Public Library; The Jersey City Public Library; The Dallas Public Library; Family History Library in Salt Lake City and New England Historic Genealogical Society. He is currently working on the Obert Family Tree as well as the Blanchette and Fitzgerald Family Trees.

Chris was a guest reviewer for the Time-Life Books’ Voyage Through the Universe a series of astronomy books. He was a three-time runner-up, for his short stories, for the Pocket Book series Star Trek – Strange New Worlds. Chris has written two articles for Numismatic News, a magazine devoted to coin collecting and has submitted many news stories and comments to local newspapers.

Chris was a member of the Poetry Society of New Hampshire and The Greater Haverhill Poets. His poetry has appeared in Space and Time, The Silent Journey, Voices of Haverhill and The Poet’s Touchstone. He has written two poetry books: Reflections (2005) and The Visual Side (2005). His poetry books have been well received by Sid Ascher, newspaper columnist and radio personality; John F. Haines, editor of Handshake (The Newsletter of the Eight Hand Gang); Peter Magliocco, editor of ART:MAG; Writer’s Digest and authors Matthew M. Trusskey, Judith Larmay and Coralie Hughes Jensen. His poetry books have been added to the collections of local libraries and the Poetry Library, South Bank Centre, London.

Chris co-wrote with his wife, Nancy, The Next Harvest, Vineyards & Wineries of New England (2008), the premier book on New England wine and wineries. This book is a unique guide to exploring the wide variety of wines produced throughout New England. Included are chapters devoted to the history of New England, the history of wine and other New England beverages, such as mead and cider, and a description of the varieties of grapes grown in New England. This book is the perfect resource to use when planning either a weekend getaway or an extended stay in New England, complete with driving maps to regional wineries. This book has been the subject of many newspaper and radio stories and it earned Chris and Nancy the 2009 “Award for Journalism” from the New Hampshire Winery Association.

Chris also co-wrote with his wife Nancy, Legendary Locals of Haverhill (2011) for Arcadia Publishing. This book was the flagship first book in the Legendary Locals series of books that covers towns and cities across the country. Acadia Publishing is the foremost publisher of books devoted to local history.

Chris is the founder of the New England Authors Expo the largest grassroot literary event in New England. NEAE Facebook page He is the organizer and host for many large and small book events including Author’s Night at the Vineyard and Author’s Night by the Sea. These events bring together local authors to read, sign and sell their books to the public. Chris also acts as a network coordinator, connecting libraries, book stores, and museums with local authors. These events have benefited hundreds of local authors, artists and publishers and have brought more awareness to the local writing scene. Chris has over 1,500 authors and publishing professionals, as well as TV, radio and music celebrities on his contact list. Chris encourages the exchange of books between local authors and has written and posted many reviews on these books on LibraryThing, Goodreads and Amazon. Chris is also always working on improving the Pear Tree Publishing website and maintaining the Pear Tree Publishing Facebook page. You may have noticed that both of these sites have information on other local authors as well as the Pear Tree Publishing authors. Event Recommendations

Chris had worked in High Tech for over 20 years but because of massive cuts in the Massachusetts technology field he was “down sized.” During those years he had worked for Lucent Technologies (formerly Western Electric and AT&T) and Nucletronix Inc. While working at AT&T he co-wrote the Thin Film Circuits Shop Instruction #23.20 Pre-Encapsulation, Pre-Diebond and Pre-Wirebond Clean with Nancy J. Guidoboni. While working at Lucent he had been active in all aspects of manufacturing from beginning to end. Regardless of what his official job function was, he was always asked to join each department’s research/investigation team. This role in problem analysis lasted for the entire 18 years he was with Lucent. Whether the department was looking for cost savings, improved quality, or increased productivity, Chris always provided support in making critical decisions. Lucent felt that he was aware of and understood the demands of a rapidly changing environment and that he was flexible and imaginative enough to stay ahead of trends. This led to Lucent honoring him with 50 awards during his employ there. In addition to his work at Lucent, Chris previously worked at Nucletronix Incorporated for two years as a full member of the research and development team. Nucletronix was a small manufacturer of equipment and systems used for the medical and scientific application of high-energy particles. High Tech Recommendations

After being laid-off, he went back to college to update his skills. Chris graduated three times and earned two certificates at Northern Essex Community College. This caught the interest of the local newspapers: The Boston Sunday Globe; Lawrence Eagle Tribune and The Haverhill Gazette, which all wrote articles about Chris. It was while attending college that Chris began to start a new career in writing and publishing, a career which has been called “a blessing” to those using his services. For more information on Chris, Pear Tree Publishing, self-publishing your work or book events, please contact us.

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