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“Chris Obert is a publisher and author, as well as an advocate for authors and publishers. His New England Authors Expo is a major event for self publishers. He has spent decades working to improve, promote, and expand the New England publishing community. Chris is truly the future of the book.”
Frank Romano, Professor Emeritus and President, Museum of Printing, Haverhill, MA


“It’s a pleasure to be connected with Chris Obert. Chris’s knowledge in the book publishing industry spans into graphic literacy. Chris’s dedication and focus to detail is security in knowing the project can be completed with accuracy.”
Nancy Silberkleit, Co-CEO, Archie Comics


“I have worked with Chris Obert over the years, having been invited to be part of his author book signing events at the New England Authors Expo. Chris is well organized and passionate about promoting his authors and their careers. An established author himself, along with Nancy, his wife, Chris knows what it takes to not only write a book but to get it out to the public’s attention as well.

His knowledge also extends to promising authors who need some publishing advice and that is where his workshops and seminars are so helpful and informative. Integrity, hard work and honesty are the qualities that come to mind that describe the character of Chris Obert and Pear Tree Publishing.”
Mary Ann Esposito, chef, cookbook writer, and the television host of Ciao Italia the longest-running television cooking program in America


“I continue to be grateful for Chris and Pear Tree Publishing regarding the author/publisher relationship which made my children’s book come to life.  Chris helped me navigate through the process of choosing an illustrator, formatting and editing in a timely manner while creating the very best vision for my book. I highly recommend Pear Tree Publishing for anyone who would like to see their work come to life and dream come true to be a published author.”
Ann Biese, Author of Worry Bee


“As I approach the one year date, June 14, 2017, of the publishing of my book, I look back and realize how much time, effort and talent was put into my rough manuscript which was turned into a professional, 204 page autobiography of my life and times in Haverhill. The amazing part of the whole project is that I had no knowledge of how to author or publish my work.

Shortly after starting to write my book, a friend told me that he knew of a publisher right here in Haverhill by the name of Chris Obert, and I should contact him for help. I took his advice and the rest is history. Our first meeting was cordial, but very informative. He set me on a course which provided me with the means to move forward very quickly and assisted in designing the cover.

Six months after connecting with Pear Tree Publishing, we were ready to go to press. I thank you Chris for the successful completion of my book, which could not have been done without you.”
John L. Cartier, Author of The Awesome Life of an Ordinary Man, A Life Sprinkled with Miracles


“Chris Obert of Pear Tree Publishing has been an immense help to me. His knowledge and attention to detail were the key to a successful experience publishing my book. Chris was patient when guiding me and explaining the many steps it takes to publish. What I appreciated most was that he was always concerned with making sure I got the best possible treatment from the sites we worked with and all I had to worry about was focusing on my next project.”
Helen Williams, Author of Coach Like A Mother


“I am pleased that you credit Northern Essex Community College with providing you with a skill set which assisted in starting your publishing company…Your success will be an inspiration to community college students who share your passion for writing. I wish you continued success and look forward to reading future publications.”
Bill Hart, Deputy Director, Massachusetts Community Colleges


“I was introduced to Christopher Obert as a member of the “Gray Court Poets” and never did regret making that decision to work with Christopher. He has been an inspiration to me in creating my first inspirational book of poetry.

Chris has been an instructor as well as a publisher providing me with suggestions such as a good title for the book, assisting in every phase from its organization to final proof readings and distribution. He is dedicated to his clients and works hard toward their success.

I highly recommend Christopher Obert of Pear Tree Publishing as a publisher of your work. He is honest, reasonable and knowledgeable of the nuances of publishing. ”
Joseph G Kalil DDS, Author of Heaven Can Wait


“No words can describe how good I feel about publishing with Chris Obert. His commitment through all the process was outstanding. He went out of his way to keep me happy even when I was frustrated at times.

He made me feel important working with him and I gained a lot of knowledge from him as well. The end result was a high quality book. I am very happy and proud of my book. I am looking forward to publishing with him again – in the near future. There is no doubt in my mind he is a dedicated and honest man. ”
Raymond Paul, Author of Solace at Sunset


“After many years of writing technical reports, papers and, for the fun of it, poems of rhymed couplets, I decided it was time to try a full blown memoir for family and friends. The finished memoir came to some 200 pages and contained over 300 pictures, mostly in color. Chris did a great job in editing and designing the cover. Comments from all who received copies were very favorable.”
Maurice P. Bellis, Author of A Good Life, Recollections of People, Places and Things


“Let’s talk about finding my publisher…

To be honest, I never thought I would be an author of a book. After many years of hunting and fishing on a special lake in northern Maine, I chose to write about the region. The camp where I hunt and fish is a location with rich history. A long oral tradition, as well as journals and diaries of camp owners and hunting and fishing guides was full of wonderful stories and characters. The present day guides, camp owners and guests agreed the history must be recorded or would be forever lost. Everyone said, “Why don’t you do it?”

I took the challenge and after many years of research, typing and gathering photos, I had a book, but no publisher. It was difficult to find a publisher. My first choice was a publisher located in Maine, but after several years, my manuscript was still held, with no results. Thankfully, I found Pear Tree Publishing. Soon, Chris Obert and myself were talking about how to select the right cover and what would catch the eyes of those folks who like hunting and fishing. We came up with some great ideas and the best way to get published.

It was only a short time before the first printing sold out, and we were soon putting out a second edition, bigger, better and hardcover. Chris has kept me active with meet the author. He stays in touch and constantly promotes my book. I soon realized I chose the best publisher around. I made the best choice when I chose Chris Obert and Pear Tree Publishing.”
Jack Ahern, Author of Bound For Munsungun 


“I was first introduced to Chris Obert in the fall of 2008. I was doing research on a way to have my manuscript of a personal memoir published and he was recommended to me by a friend. What impressed me most about Chris was his genuine interest in meeting my particular needs. He listened with an open mind about my goals and objectives yet added his insight and feedback in a thoughtful and respectful manner. After our first meeting, I knew I would hire him to help me publish my book.

Chris and I met on a number of occasions during the process of getting my book, King of the Forest, published. On each occasion, Chris took the time and effort to make sure my book evolved to my specifications. For example, King of the Forest was his first time working on a hard cover book. He was excited and eager to try something new for his business. I received partial funding for the cost of publishing my book from an outside source and this was new for Chris. He found a way to work with all parties to come to a successful conclusion. I also wanted to use recycled paper and he made sure that happened. The jacket of my book was designed a little differently than others he had done—and again—Chris accommodated my desires and worked to satisfy my requests.

As a result of working with Chris, I am very pleased and greatly satisfied with my published book. King of the Forest is beautiful to look at and professionally done. I have received only the best of compliments on its appearance. Overall, Chris Obert is a man of his word and works diligently to satisfy his clients. I continue to admire his passion for his work, his ability to problem solve and his integrity. Chris is always looking at ways to improve his business and I recommend him highly for anyone choosing the route of self publishing.”
Lucinda Marcoux, Author of King Of the Forest


“When I was trying to get my book published, I found it to be a very long, arduous and disappointing process. Then I was introduced to Chris Obert. My first meeting with Chris brought back the initial enthusiasm I had felt when writing my book. He was almost as excited as I was when he worked with me to bring my book to publication. He was kind, patient and very informative. Chris spent many hours with me sharing his expertise and knowledge of the publishing world. He guided me through everything from font sizes to cover design. No questions I had were insignificant or mundane in Chris’ eyes. He took me and my hand written pages from notebook to My Walk with Mary in the Footsteps of Bernadette.

If it were not for Christopher Obert I never would have seen my book in print. I will never forget the day I held my first finished book fresh from the carton while Chris took photographs. I would highly recommend Pear Tree Publishing with Chris at the helm to anyone who is trying to publish their first or tenth book. I will always be grateful for his guidance and enthusiasm for this first time author.”
Mary Marshall, Author of My Walk with Mary, In the Footsteps of Bernadette


“When the farm we lived on for over thirty years was sold to a big corporation , we knew that life as we knew it was going to change. As the outbuildings disappeared and the fields filled with building equipment, I felt that I needed to write down the history of this iconic place. Over the winter, I talked to people who’d been involved in the farm over the years, collected old pictures, sorted through pictures we’d taken, and organized everything in a big loose-leaf notebook. Then, when I was satisfied that my account gave an accurate feeling for the farm, I decided to get it published.

That was when I hit a wall. I looked in bookstores and made note of publishers who handled local history. I visited a few of these; they were all polite and complimentary, but said that my story was too narrow to have the appeal needed for them to take it on. One offered to handle it for me as a “vanity” publication, but his price was way, way beyond my budget. Then, the local historical society suggested they could help; but they wanted to change and add things of their own. So, for a while, the book gathered dust on the coffee table.

One day, my husband got into a conversation with a fellow dog walker as they made their way through the back woods of the farm. He mentioned my book; she mentioned the name of a local publisher who could help; and my dream became reality. Chris Obert of Pear Tree Publishing was just what I needed. He looked at the book with an objective eye; gently suggested changes which would help (and he was almost always right), and changed my loose-leaf notebook full of text and pictures into a book I am proud of. He handled all the details himself for a cost reasonable enough for me to handle.

Today, my book is in the local library; I’ve sold more copies than I ever imagined; and the book itself is a thing of beauty. To anyone thinking, “I should write a book,” I recomment Chris Obert and Pear Tree Publishing.”
Susan K. Walsh, Author of Edgewood, An Old Farm in the New Millennium


“It is with utmost pleasure, nay honor, to write this letter of recommendation. I’ve known Chris for a couple of years. I engaged him to publish an anthology of my poems. His efforts on my work were incredible. He has the insights, skills, knowledge, and above all, a driving ambition to be a successful publisher which I believe he is. From what I’ve gathered he knows what an author desires and he aims to please, which he does in a very professional manner. There is no question in my mind, given his past and current record he’ll make a fine contribution to those projects he is currently connected with. Perhaps the greatest asset Chris possesses is integrity, a virtue really lacking in the business world.”
Pasquale A. Emiro, Author of Finger of God and Expressions from His Heart


“It has been a pleasure working with Chris Obert and Pear Tree Publishing. Chris has a very professional and caring attitude to all who have sought his help. He has an innate ability to balance what is in the best interest of not only his clients but for Pear Tree Publishing too. Thanks Chris!”
Judy Seidl, Creator, Illustrator and Author of The Divine Mother Cards


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