About New England Authors Expo

The place where you can meet the biggest literary stars of today and tomorrow!

The New England Authors Expo is a grassroots group (authors, illustrators, publishers and others) that network and hold author/book events. We are a very friendly, inviting and accommodating group. We have unknown authors as well as famous authors, publishers as well as self-published and we even have some celebrities. We have book stores, libraries, printers and other interested groups that take part in our events or visit our events. There are some great stories here, maybe even the next New York Times best seller or Hollywood blockbuster!

Basically, the Expo is a group of people trying to do something together that they cannot do alone. We try to promote each other’s work and bring recognition to the group as a whole. We share ideas that are working, and just as important, ideas that are not working. We try to teach new concepts and marketing techniques to struggling authors and businesses, while trying to keep it fun. We try to make the Expo events as inexpensive to attend as possible while making them better and better each year. We are striving to bring more recognition to the New England publishing community! The first NEAE event was held in 2006 and today we have become one of the largest grassroots literary event in New England!


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New England Authors Expo

New England Authors Expo



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