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  1. Looking forward to attending my first expo this year. I have heard nothing but rave reviews about the open literary dialog and exposure authors receive from these unique events.

  2. I was at a parish craft fair recently selling my books where I met the owner of Pear Tree Publishing. He was kind enough to give me some information about other venues that might be of interest to me and one was NEAE.

    This sounds like what I have been looking for to get myself and my books out there. I look forward to learning more about this expo.

  3. I can’t wait to attend the New England Author Exp this year. I even wrote a little something about what to expect. Read here if you’re curious.

  4. CLARIFICATION: Recently Kathleen asked the NEAE, “What is exactly meant by Tables are dependent upon availability? Does that mean if I arrive too late, the table for which I assume I am paying for may not be available? Or is there some other interpretation?”

    I am glad that Kathleen asked that question. When people pay for a table, they are either getting half of an 8 foot table or a whole 8 foot table. However we have tables that are crescent moon shaped (they are about 6 feet) and some people like them better than half of an 8 foot table, so I let them take one of those tables if they want it. Also, I may have a spot where only a 6 foot table would fit. So we would let a person that signed up for half of an 8 foot table take the whole 6 foot table if they want it (we would never give a six foot table to someone that paid for an 8 foot table.) So you see that some of the tables are limited in how many we have. At our last event we had 9 foot tables with a few extra tables, so everyone got a bigger space than they paid for.

    What that disclaimer is for is to let people know that at times we may have limited amounts of curved tables, or extra big tables or tables near the bathroom… stuff like that, and that you may not be able to get the exact same table or spot as last time. However, you will always get what you paid for. I hope this explains things better.

  5. This event is a great place for meeting/greeting local authors and getting to know their work. for local authors it’s a good opportunity for networking.

  6. Chris Obert’s New England Author’s Expo events have always been worth my time. I am an author who likes to explore different genres. When I attend Chris’ events, there are always many different types of books to choose from. The events are always organized, diverse, and fun. If you are old school like me and still read paper books, this event is the place to be.

    • Thank you Helen. Ms. Williams wrote a popular sports coaching book titled “Coach Like a Mother” you should check it out.

  7. The New England Author’s Expo has become such a highly anticipated event every summer. They’ve created a friendly and inviting atmosphere where authors have the opportunity to network and socialize with fellow authors, publishers and illustrators while potential book buyers, in turn, can possibly discover their next favorite author. While many other author gatherings feel exclusive and parochial, New England Author Expo always boasts a very welcoming and nurturing environment for its participants and visitors.

    • Thank you Rob for your kind words! Recently Rob wrote a book called “The Crooked Roads through Cedar Grove” and after I heard him talk about his book I had to buy it and now it is on the top of my To Read list!

  8. NEAE is the premier summer event for bibliophiles and authors alike.

    For authors, it’s a great place to network, sell books, and engage with readers. For readers, it’s got a little bit of everything in every genre out there, so it’s as much a place for the eclectic reader as it is for those who know exactly what they want.


  9. The NEAE is an absolutely wonderful place to meet other authors, exchange ideas, and (often enough) learn more about the rapidly-changing world of publishing, The ambiance is always supportive, and I left feeling even happier about my commitment to the printed word.

  10. Gayle is one of the biggest supporters of New England authors that I know. She has been involved with authors (and poets) in many ways over the last decade and I am a big fan of her work. Thank you Gayle for all that you do for the New England publishing community.

  11. As the producer and host of “Write Now”, the TV series that features writers who have successfully negotiated the ever changing publishing environment, I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to recommend the NEAE. Each year I interview authors I’ve met at the NEAE on my TV show. Most recently, I was pleased to showcase Connie Johnson Hambley, author of “The Troubles” and “The Charity”.

  12. The NEAE has turned into THE author event in the New England region, where publishers, authors, illustrators, bookstore people, media, and services folk all meet the book-buying public. I’ve been going for years, and love meeting people, selling books, and making connections. I’m always pointing newly-met authors toward the site, so they’ll go and expand their horizons. It’s a real benefit to writers of all types.

    • One of the reasons that the NEAE is so successful is because of people like Dale. Dale is one of the authors that volunteers at Expo events. Thank you Dale for your support!

  13. Years ago, coal miners took canaries into the mines with them as a way to foretell the future. Well, the New England Authors Expo is our canary. This is where you can get a glimpse of the future. Chris Obert of Pear Tree Publishing created the Expo in 2006. What began as a small, grassroots event intended to give new and less well known authors the opportunity to make them selves known to a larger audience, has now grown to be one of the largest events of its kind in New England. At the Expo you will have the opportunity to meet, talk to and with, writers of all genres, whether it be fiction or non-fiction, mystery, suspense, romance, young adult literature, science fiction, fantasy, self help, philosophy, or children’s books. I’ll be there and I hope you will be too.

    KD Mason

  14. Chris Obert has turned the NEAE event into one of New England’s premier happenings for authors and their readers and fans. Those who attend each year now expect to see more authors and lots more attendees, improved organization and a wonderful exchange between those who love to write and those who love to read. Every year their expectations are fully rewarded. Chris deserves great credit for developing this peerless author event.

    • Thank you Bruce for the kind words. Many people, not just me, are what makes the NEAE something special. Each and every author, illustrator and publisher brings something wonderful with them to our events. Together we shine even brighter!

  15. Looking forward to the New Look NEAE!

  16. I can’t wait for the Authors Expo this year. I had so much fun when I was there before. I love meeting people and other authors. Thanks for all the great work that you do!

    • The 2016 NEAE will be a bit different than last year’s Expo. We will be posting more information on this website very soon…

  17. King Printing Company, Inc has been working with Chris Obert since the birth of the NEAE in Danvers. Over the years it has become one of the key selling events for authors, publishers and vendors and draws significant foot traffic. We will be there again this year and thank you Chris for putting this event together.

    • Everyone at the New England Authors Expo would like to thank Tom Campbell and King Printing for supporting New England authors, their books and our events. Thank you!

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