2016 New England Authors Expo

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Danversport Yacht Club – 161 Elliott St, Danvers, MA 01923

This event was free to the public!

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List of people and groups attending
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Basic information:

This event was held at the Danversport Yacht Club in Danvers, MA on Wednesday, July 27. Set up started at 10:00 am and the doors opened to the public at 4:00 pm. The event ran till 9:00 pm. Sign up begin on March 30, 2016.

The New England Authors Expo is the largest grassroots literary event in New England. The NEAE has over 1,000 authors, illustrators, publishers, printers and other publishing professionals on its contact list. By working together we organize book sales and other book related events though out the year. We try to keep our fees as low as possible so that every author will be able to attend our events. This event was free to the public.

New for 2016:

This year’s NEAE will be a bit different than past events. This year we will be exhibiting only in the main ballroom. Space will be limited to first come, first served for authors and illustrators. We will have room for only about 140 attendees so please sign up early.

During the setup/networking time (from 10am to 4pm) we will have panels, lectures and workshops for the attending authors and illustrators in the lower ballroom. These speeches will feature authors, publishers and companies and will focus on topics that are important to New England authors and illustrators.

During public viewing time (4pm to 9pm) we will have panels and lectures given by special guests and celebrities. We are currently working on a list of speakers and topics. If you are interested in being a part of this please contact me with some of your ideas.



10:00 AM – Doors open for set up


11:00 AM – Doors open for librarians, bookstore owners and TV & radio guests


11:30 AM – Doors open for people interested in attending the panel discussions


12:00 Noon – “Open Discussion – The Business of Being an Author” – Mandi LynnChuck MiceliStephanie Queen and Ashley Royer

THE BUSINESS OF BEING AN AUTHOR: An open discussion on the world of being an author (or illustrator) and working in the publishing world. So many people are confused and just don’t know where to start. This is a great place to begin that discussion.


1:00 PM – “Writing & Editing” – Kristy AcevedoTanya Gold, K. D. Mason, and Kate Victory Hannisian

WRITING & EDITING: The panel will address writing (novels mostly but all forms are OK) and editing. This is the topic that almost every author struggles with, how to improve their writing and how to be more efficient with their editing efforts.


2:00 PM – “Publishing/Marketing Today” – Rona Gofstein, Mayur Gudka, Jason Harris and Steven Porter

PUBLISHING/MARKETING TODAY: This is the hot topic for 2016. With so many changes to the publishing world over the last ten years what can we expect in the coming years? How can we work with these changes and how can we improve our marketing of our book using all of the tools available to us authors?


3:00 PM – “e-Commerce and Social Media” –  David Mark Fowler

WATTPAD, SOCIAL MEDIA, AND GENERATING A MASSIVE FAN BASE FOR YOUR WRITING: DAVID MARK FOWLER is the literary agent for HarperCollins Blink YA author Ashley Royer, author of Remember to Forget. David will describe how traditional publishing is in the midst of a huge change in finding and choosing new authors for publication, how Wattpad and social media can be used to generate a massive fan base, and how online and social interactions actually shape and impact the writing process itself. The rules in publishing are changing – come learn how the playing field is being leveled, get past traditional “gatekeepers”, and enjoy the satisfaction of not only writing a book but actively engaging your fans before, during, and after you get published!


4:00 PM – Doors open to the public – BOOK SALE BEGINS!

Currently over 85 authors, illustrators and publishers attending! (See list below.)


5:00 PM – “Author and Actor” –  Mark Goddard

MEET AUTHOR AND LOST IN SPACE ACTOR MARK GODDARD: Massachusetts native Mark Goddard stared on TV’s The Detectives with Robert Taylor and Johnny Ringo with Don Durant. However, Mark is best known for his portrayal of Major Don West on the 1960s CBS television show Lost in Space. Mark has written two books coving his acting career and his days on Lost in Space set. The first book To Space and Back: A Memoir was written in 2008 and his new book Three Years Lost in Space just came out. Mark will discuss the many different TV shows that he has played on especially Lost in Space. He will also discuss what he has been up to since his acting days and his later career as a special education teacher.


6:00 PM – “HarperCollins YA Author” –  Ashley Royer

MEET BEST-SELLING, HARPERCOLLINS YA AUTHOR ASHLEY ROYER: Ashley Royer began writing stories online at Wattpad at the age of 13. Her stories struck an emotional nerve with her audience, and began attracting millions of reads and hundreds of thousands of passionate fans online. Ashley, now 17, has over 30 million online reads and a coveted 2014 Watty Award winner, Ashley Royer represents not only a “new voice” as an author, but also a “new path” to getting published and connecting with fans. She has been featured in Seventeen magazine, Fox25 News, Celebmix, and Girls Life. Ashley will talk about her experience being a young published author, followed by a special signing of her book, Remember to Forget. The first 50 who get their book signed after her presentation will receive a keepsake pen, bookmark, and an individual photo opportunity with the author!


7:00 PM – “Children + Comic Books = Reading, Knowledge, Confidence and Creativity” – Nancy Silberkleit

MEET NANCY SILBERKLEIT CO-CEO AT ARCHIE COMICS: Nancy Silberkleit is co-CEO of “Archie Comics” and founder of “Rise Above Social Issues Foundation, Inc.” an organization that helps to educate children on bullying.

Nancy, a former art teacher with 25 years of experience, has witnessed the influence of comics as they encouraged creativity, storytelling and literacy in children and young adults. She feels that comic books are a part of the natural progression each child takes from picture books of their youth to reading short stories during their developing years. Nancy speaks on this topic of using comics as a powerful tool that stimulates and builds today’s children into tomorrow’s strong creative thinkers!

Nancy will also share the fascinating story of her incredible journey from a teacher stepping out of the classroom and tumbling into the Archie Comics board room with no business experience or training.

Nancy has a unique voice in promoting literacy and publishing in today’s world. She brings together her years of experience as a teacher with her knowledge of bullying and the pressures facing people today. Add in her knowledge of transitioning from art educator to business leader at Archie Comics and you have someone worth listening to. She understands the complexity of the challenge but will leave you with inspiration to kick open that door for yourself and go for it! Nancy also holds one of the most talked about business cards in the world, and will share how your card can also be the talk of the business world.


8:00 PM – “Lead Singer and Front Man for the Rock Band The Fools” – Mike Girard

MEET ROCK LEGEND MIKE GIRARD: In the late seventies, five boys from the tiny coastal coal mining town of Ipswich, Massachusetts (home of the fried clam) burst onto the Boston music scene with their parody hit Psycho Chicken.

The Fools were soon after signed by EMI Records, went on to release songs like Its A Night for Beautiful Girls, Life Sucks Then You Die, and World Dance Party. The Fools toured the world opening for such rock celebrities as Van Halen, Rush, The Doobie Brothers and The J. Geils Band and receive heavy airplay in the early days of MTV. Known for their zany, madcap style of full frontal rock n roll, The Fools have outlasted most of their peers to attain legendary status and continue rocking on well into the twenty-first century releasing new music and playing to packed houses all over New England.

Relive these exciting days with Psycho Chicken & Other Foolish Tales as told by Fools front man Mike Girard. Take a front row seat to their circus like hijinks as the band suffers the trials and tribulations of being the opening act for world famous rockers. Fans of The Fools and eighties rock aficionados alike will love this tale of one of America’s most enduring bands


9:00 PM – Doors are closed to the public, break-down begins


10:00 – Doors close to all



List of people and groups attending:

Special Guests:
Mike Girard
Mark Goddard 
Ashley Royer
Nancy Silberkleit
Authors & illustrators:
Kristy Acevedo
Claire Alemian
Michael Bailey
Florence Belfus-Bennett
Brad J. Boucher
B.B. Boudreau
Claire S. Cabot
S. Campbell Williams
Beth M. Caruso
Sally M. Chetwynd
Duane E. Coffill
Lynn M. Collins
Martha Couture
Terry Crawford Palardy
Karen Creamer
J.M. Davies
Robert Dinsmoor
Brian Ditchek
Jhorge D’O
J.B. Durbin
Rick Felty
Bonnie J. Fladung
Guntis Goncarovs
Scott Goudsward
June Greig
John W. Grisham
Jason Harris
Michael Hartigan
L.E. Hastings
Wickes Helmboldt
Martin Herman
Ian Hiatt
Jenny Hudson
Thea Iberall
Lisa Jacob
Paul Janson
Joseph Kalil
Linda T. Kepner
John King
Kathleen Laplante
Curtis M. Lawson
Jackie Leduc
Erin Lee
Tabitha Lord
Mandi Lynn
Jan Mann
K. D. Mason
Chris McClean
Chuck Miceli
Susan Murdoch
Christopher Obert
Nancy Obert
Timothy J. O’Leary III
Christopher Paniccia
Stephanie Queen
Joe Ross
Lois Sargent
Sandra Elaine Scott
Katherine Silva
Rob Smales
Jennifer W. Smith
Dan Speers
Mike Squatrito
Juss Stinson
E.J. Stevens
Edward Swanson
M. R. Tighe
Maggie van Galen
Helen M. Williams
Tara Winters
The Association of Rhode Island Authors (ARIA)
Blue Pencil Consulting
Books and Boos Press
David Mark Fowler, Literary Agent
Tanya Gold, Independent Editor
Gudka Networks
Headway Strategies Consulting
HF Group Acme Binding
Horror Writers of Maine
Independent Publishers of New England
J. Putnam Design
King Printng
Memory Imprints
Merrimack Media
Pear Tree Publishing
Rosstrum Publishing
Stillwater River Publications
Writers Business School
X-height Studio

List is not complete.

Hotel information:

The official hotel for the 2016 New England Authors Expo was North Shore Hotel. Their address is 50 Dayton Street, Danvers, MA. Their phone number is 1-978-777-1700. Jill Granger was the Director in charge of this offer. Please visit their website. http://www.northshoredanvers.com/

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