2021 Author’s Night at the Vineyard

TBD at Zorvino Vineyards*

Sandown, NH – 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

This event will be free to the public! 


* The 2021 Author’s Night at the Vineyard is postponed. We will be posting news and information on the new date here and on the NEAE Facebook page. Authors listed below are planning on attending. However, this list may change. 


*Special Guest Star(s):

Elaine Isaak


*List of Authors/Illustrators attending:

Dr. Jenev Caddell

Brian Campbell

Ceara Comeau

Guntis Goncarovs (NEAE Team)

Jeanine Collins Malarsky

Renee Mallett

K.D. Mason (NEAE Team)

Cathryn McIntyre

Karri Moser

Christopher Obert (NEAE Team)

Nancy Obert (NEAE Team)

Cathleen Provoda

Marianne Rice

Joe Ross (Sponsor – NEAE Team)

Katherine Silva

Janice Spina

Killarney Traynor


*List of Publishers attending:

Pear Tree Publishing (Sponsor – NEAE Team)

Rosstrum Publishing (Sponsor – NEAE Team)





Sign-up Information:

One Author’s/Publisher’s spot costs – TBD
(When you sign up please supply us with your Pen Name (if you have one) and a link to your preferred website.)


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